Ministry of Law and Justice


Access to Justice Program (AJP) has been launched by the Government of Pakistan (GOP) with a program loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to implement legislative, judicial, police and administrative reforms in the country to strengthen the system of administration of justice. This program is a key part of the Government s nation-wide efforts to improve the accessibility of public entitlements for all citizens, particularly for the poor, women and minorities.

While the Ministry of Law (MOL) through its PMU is the executing agency (EA) of the AJP, implementation of reforms is the responsibility of the implementing agencies (IAs) of AJP. These include the Judiciary (High Courts), Law & Justice Commission, Interior/Home, Law, Finance, Police, Ombudsman andFederalJudicialAcademy. Under the Program, IAs are expected and encouraged to plan and implement all kinds of technical and development projects aimed at achieving the objectives of the Program. The Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan and its Provincial counterpart Departments of Finance are responsible for providing AJP funds to the IAs through regular budgetary channels for implementation of new projects.  

In order to steer implementation of AJP and monitor its progress on a regular basis, national and provincial program review & coordination committees (NPRCC & PPRC) have been established at the federal and provincial levels. In addition, the ADB also carries out an annual performance review of the activities carried out with the AJP funds.  

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