International Cooporation on International Family Law

Globalization has resulted in an increasing number of international family and child abduction cases connected with more than one country and impacted by different legal systems. The rapid growth and complexity of cases involving child abduction, inter-country adoption, unlawful movement or retention from one country to the other require strong international co-operation, enhanced relations and free flow of information among the countries. In order to address these issues, it was resolved in the International Family Justice Judicial Conference for Common law and Commonwealth Jurisdiction held on    4-8 August, 2009 at Cumberland lodge, England that all the 42 participating countries will make appropriate arrangements to provide assistance including legal advice, to the left behind parents against child abduction and wrongful removal or retention from one country to the other.

In order to implement the resolution, The Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights, has set up an Office of the International Co-operation of International Family Law in year 2009, with aim to provide assistance, including legal advice to the left behind parents (including the parents in non-convention countries) who seeks to return of a child abducted to a non-convention country.


In case of any assistance and legal advice regarding the child abduction to or from abroad, wrongful removal or retention, inter-country adoption of children, the left behind parents may contact the Office of the international Co-operation of International Family Law for help.

You may contact us through, post, direct line or e-mail on the address given below;


The Office of International Co-operation on International Family Law

Room No.338“R” Block

Ministry of Law, and Justice 

Pak Secretariat, Islamabad Pakistan

Helpline: 009251-9203464,






          No fee shall be chargeable on such legal assistance or advice.

  1. If you seek assistance or legal advice through writing a letter same shall disclose a complete picture of the matter and facts leading to the grievance.
  2. The Office may seek further information/clarification if considered necessary.
  3. If you write, please ensure that the correspondence is: 
    1. The matter is not outside the purview of this office on any other ground.
    2. The issue raised does not relate to civil dispute, such as property rights, contractual obligations.
    3. Clear legible, and not vague, anonymous or pseudonymous
  4. In case of correspondence through e-mail kindly mentioned the name of the office as subject of e-mail.